Oh aye, that's me over there in thoughtful pose. I like a think. Some of my thoughts have won me a fair few awards and I'm happy about that.


But I'm not all ads, ads, ads.


I have a Day Skipper certificate and enjoy sailing. 

I'm a lifelong supporter of Fulham FC and a keen sportsman. I rowed the English Channel a few years ago and do lots of running.


I also like travelling, good eating, I appreciate a fine wine.


I've been the External Assessor for Falmouth University's MA Advertising course and have sat on the world's most prestigious advertising juries, including Cannes, D&AD, The MENA Lynx, The New York Festival, Clio, The Big Awards, Creative Circle, The Drum Awards and many others.


That's enough about me, what about you. I am available for all sorts of writing jobs and conceptual thinking, so if you could use my services, go to the contacts page where all my contact details are listed.



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